15 October, 2018

Introduction to self-management

or, how to excel by dispensing with bureaucracy, bluster and blame

A one-day learning workshop


Introduction to self-management is a workshop designed to help you come to grips with the complexity of self-management, a radically empowering way of organizing people. This workshop includes practical exercises to help you develop your theoretical and practical understanding of self-management. We need to take responsibility for our behaviours and habits, drop our need to blame or control others and embrace more transparent and liberating ways of working. To do this, we need to understand ourselves and others better, and adopt new practices and tools.  This workshop is designed to help us do that.

You will learn about:

  • Key tools and practices that support self-management, including sociocracy, Agile, Beyond Budgeting, Lean and more
  • Habits and mindsets that get in the way
  • Practices for developing self-awareness
  • The importance of listening
  • The role of leadership in self-management
  • Running effective meetings
  • The role of the legal framework in a self-managing system.
  • Cultural artefacts affecting change
  • Dealing with conflict constructively

A unique workshop

The Introduction to Self-management will help you develop a grounded and practical knowledge of how an organisation can run itself through self-organising teams of engaged, creative and responsible individuals. You will learn what authentic leadership is, and how to involve all staff in the constant renewal of the organisation. Brought to you by experienced practitioners with a diverse and complementary range of backgrounds and experiences.

This workshop offers you

An opportunity to build your confidence in approaching the challenge of helping an organization reinvent itself to more liberating, empowering ways of working. It will strengthen your theoretical understanding of self-management, build your awareness of your own strengths and blind spots, and provide you with an array of practices, tools and other resources to help you implement self-management.

How it works

You will learn through a mixture of exercises, including reflective practices, …….. and peer-to-peer learning. You will be given the chance to try out some key tools that help to run a self-managing organisation, and provided with information about other tools and methodologies available.  

You will develop skills to help with:

  • Distributed decision-making
  • Running meetings
  • Listening to yourself and others
  • Avoiding a blame culture
  • Resisting the temptation to try to control others
  • Managing your own behaviour
  • Working collaboratively with others
  • The art of humble enquiry

For further information, contact: Patrick (patrick@humanorganising.co) or François (francois@humanorganising.co)