Next stage organisations – leaving the safe harbour

[Note – this blog comes out of a workshop that was held in Bristol in June 2018. The event will be re-run in London on 10th October 2018 – click here for details] “We want to see flourishing lives on a flourishing planet.” This was the heartfelt desire expressed by one group of participants in Read more about Next stage organisations – leaving the safe harbour[…]

the “why” of human organising

The Human Organising Co has come into being at a time when large-scale human political, economic and social systems are in crisis, struggling to cope with the speed and complexity of life and becoming increasingly disconnected from the true needs of people and planet. We believe there are new types of organisations emerging and new Read more about the “why” of human organising[…]

Distributed Leadership anchored in the Power to Object

Andon: Halting the Line In most traditional Japanese ‘lean’ manufacturing plants you will find sets of two cords dangling from above every few meters along the production line, within everyone’s reach, one yellow one red. If the yellow is pulled an alarm sounds, orange lights flash and the affected workstation number affected is displayed on Read more about Distributed Leadership anchored in the Power to Object[…]

Winter solstice – the still point of the turning world

Today is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, that time in the year when the nights are longest and the days are coldest. In the forest around where I live, the holly trees are at the height of their powers, with leaves that are dark-green and shiny, whilst the oaks and other trees lie Read more about Winter solstice – the still point of the turning world[…]

Humans – simply imperfect machines?

Humans – simply imperfect machines? Posted on 7th November 2016 by Humanorganising Sometimes, I forget I am an animal. Carried away with my ability to think, to calculate and analyse, to plan and strategise, I forget that I have a body with its own urges and needs, its own intelligence and ways of experiencing the Read more about Humans – simply imperfect machines?[…]

The Problem with ‘Change Management

The Problem with Change Management As a coach I have always steered away from ‘change management’, even though it is a huge industry and I would probably have done quite well in it. Intuitively change management has always struck me as unfair or oppressive, even when it was well-intentioned and perfectly rational. It has appeared Read more about The Problem with ‘Change Management[…]